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Kiersten Lortz
Purpose and Productivity Coach


“I used to be so driven and now I hardly recognize myself.”

I know. Along with all the joy, motherhood is frustrating and exhausting. It’s so easy to lose any sense of identity while you’re doing “all the things.”

The emotional drain leaves little room to even think about what you want, let alone take action to make it happen. I’ve been there and that’s why I want to help.


Where’s that passionate, creative, energetic woman? I see her. She’s in there. She’s buried under all the identities and responsibilities, but she’s itching to make a comeback. What are you waiting for? Let’s find that lady and bring her to life again.



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As a coach and speaker, women find Kiersten's excitement for life contagious. Scroll to read what her clients and audience members have to say about her influence in their lives.

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