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Kiersten Lortz
Purpose and Productivity Coach


I'm OBSESSED with productivity.

It's my goal to squeeze every ounce out of every minute. I'm often told to "chill out" or "take a break" but, honestly, I get a high out of seeing what I can do with the time I have. This addiction became even more pronounced after have 4 children, 3 of which have special needs. 

How could I continue to practice violin, study Japanese, run

my violin studio, keep house, chauffeur people to all their

activities and appointments (OT, PT, individual therapy, 

group therapy, orthodontist, dentist, well-checks, etc.), do

the shopping, make the meals, and still have a few minutes 

to read, have lunch with friends, teach Sunday school, play 

with my kids, and make genuine memories?

Well, I did . . . and I still do. If you're wondering 

how YOU can utilize your time, energy, and resources to create the life you want, I can help.  



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As a coach and speaker, women find Kiersten's excitement for life contagious. Scroll to read what her clients and audience members have to say about her influence in their lives.

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