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About Me

I've always felt I didn't relate to my peers easily growing up. In high school, I loved to wake up at 5:30 so I could practice violin an hour before school. I'd complete homework in class so I could free up my evenings for rehearsals. I worked ahead enough to take 3 music/theater classes all 4 years of high school and still have time to be a teacher's aide my senior year. When my parents were out running errands, I'd quickly gather up the clean clothes and iron everything while watching TV then head upstairs to vacuum, mop, and-- get this-- wax the kitchen floor. I thought all this was normal teenage behavior (until my child's therapist told me in 2019 that it's most definitely NOT). 

In college, I'd be the first one at the music school to practice before class. I was asked as a freshman to start an orchestra committee and sat assistant concertmaster my second semester. I played in every ensemble I could and worked in two orchestras. 

After getting married, I continued teaching privately and playing in orchestras while raising two children. My book was published in 2017 and I started speaking around the same time. 

I closed my violin studio in December 2022 after 25 years of teaching and became a certified Life Coach, Level 1 Reiki certified, and a graduate of Marie Forleo's B-School within 18 months. 



Oh, and through all of this I battled depression and anxiety while raising my kids, sometimes with trips to the emergency room at all hours of the day and night. So, yeah, there's that. 


*deep breath*

Some may say my mental health has suffered because I'm so Type-A. I'd say I was born this way and I'm actually happier and less anxious when I get to do "all the things." 

I've spent the past two decades studying human behavior and productivity and I want to help you find a way to do "all the things" in your heart. If you're struggling with your purpose and/or time management, click the link and let's chat. I'm excited to help you realize all your POSSIBILITIES. 



From a depression diagnosis to an overdose. From marrying the man of my dreams to having multiple special needs children. From being an accomplished violinist to wondering when my life will get started... it's been a bit of a crap show, friends.

But here I am. Now. A published author. A professional musician for 25 years. A coach and speaker, with my own women's conference (Possibilities Conference. You should check it out here.) Mother of 4 kids, 3 with special needs.


It's the good, the bad, and the (really) ugly, but it's my life and I'm making the most of it. Through it all, I've been fascinated by human behavior and neuroscience, and that's what's brought me to coaching. I love helping other women with messy lives make sense of it all. It's not always pretty, but it's ALWAYS worth it. I hope we can talk soon.

I'm no superwoman but I play one in real life. You can too. 


My coaching clients find themselves growing from Fearful to Fearless, from Victim to VictoriousThere is no limit to what you can create with a shift in mindset and the accountability to keep your commitments. Let's start today to make it happen.


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