What do you CREATE?

The Savior teaches us to be like little children. Aren't children the best creators of all? Mine are constantly building, cutting, drawing, painting, molding, arranging, rearranging, collecting, weaving and developing all manner of things. When left to themselves, what do children do? They create. Think of what you have seen children create. They don't limit themselves to what they are "good" at because they don't believe they are bad at anything. Their imaginations run free because they do not yet realize what limitations are.

Maybe we should be more like these magnificent spirits who allow themselves to be free from inhibition. Maybe we can stop judging ourselves and others and simply begin to form and fashion what brings joy to our lives. Maybe then we will thrive in those gifts we have already found and continue seeking those yet to be discovered. Let’s stop looking at what we can't do and do it anyway, not worrying about whether our stitches are straight or our bread doesn't rise.


There are opportunities for creation everywhere. The need may be as grand as sewing a quilt or as small as smiling at someone who is having a hard day. Whatever we create, whenever we create, we bring ourselves and others closer to the Lord. In fact, we become more like Him in the very process because He is the Creator of all good things. His work is to bring us back to Him. As we partake in this process, He molds us into more than we could be without Him. We, in turn, bring His love to our homes and communities and create greater unity and joy. We are commanded to be like the Savior, thus, we are commanded to create. 

Does it not make sense that we, as women, who are co-creators of life with God can, with His direction, create even more diverse beauty? Creation is a part of our inheritance and will continue with us in worlds to come. Our Father created our spirits. Jesus Christ created the world. We carry on the work of creation and will for all eternity. Let us cultivate our powers of creation so that we may enjoy the happiness that accompanies such great work throughout our lives.