Ode to Unfinished Projects

My life is full of unfinished projects. I am great at a lot of things. I can clean and organize and take care of my family like it’s nobody’s business. What I can’t do is get to my violin daily, take my violin studio to the next level, finish redecorating the family room, fully get my garden planted, finish the mending, work on my website and manuscript, yadda yadda yadda. The difference between the former group and the latter is that the latter tasks take perseverance and consistency. Oh, consistency, where art thou?


I am a superhero at starting projects. I have the drive and determination to get just about anything started, I just really struggle at seeing it through. I didn’t use to be like this. I practiced violin 6 hours a day on top of rehearsals, school work, recreation, and fitness. But now. . . .

I’ll tell you what happened. When projects get tough and really require tenacity and perseverance, I get overwhelmed and discouraged and “find” other things that need to be done. Oops! Can’t get to the garden, we have company coming and I need to clean. Ah oh! There’s more laundry to be folded so I have to skip website building. Darn it.

What I’ve learned from all of this is that I feel a lot better when I just buckle down and get one thing DONE. Finished. Completed. Check. Ta-da! It feels so good to be DONE with something. So, when the going get’s tough, from now on, I’m going to just keep going. Finish it. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Will you?