Please Make Mistakes

During violin lessons in college, my teacher would often say to me, “If you’re going to make a mistake, make a big one.” He did not want me to play wrong notes but he did want me to play with conviction and passion. He knew that people would never pay to hear a halfhearted violinist who made mistakes but they would pay for a great performance.


You may have heard people say, “Sing as though no one was listening.” Do not focus on what may go wrong because it will keep you from reaching higher. Things will go wrong, they always do. That is part of life. Just keep going and, when the inevitable glitch occurs, be ready for it. When overcoming fear of the unknown, preparation is crucial and the same holds true for a fear of failure. Be ready for those things which might go wrong. Have plans B, C, and D laid out ahead of time so that failure does not mean defeat, only a detour. Those around you who mocked your gumption will watch in amazement as you consistently move past stumbling blocks, both internal and external and make something great out of what you have.


Live with passion and courage and your missteps will be scarce and slight. Live with boldness and, when you stumble, brush it off and go again. In these turbulent days, the Lord needs us not to be afraid of failure but to embrace it and grow from it. Getting unstuck requires a little bit of faith and a whole lot of courage. Pack those with you and get on your way to making it happen.