Excuse me, but do you know where July went?

I can’t believe we are halfway through the summer this week. Every spring I dread the end of the school year as I fill with anxiety over how I am going to keep my four children entertained for 10 weeks. Fortunately, Snowmageddan 2016 took off one week of our summer vacation so I only have 9 weeks to fill this year. As the weeks have passed with camps, the pool, swimming lessons, day trips, the Maryland Ice Cream Tour (if you live here, check it out here), horseback riding lessons, my violin teaching, playdates, and other activities, I am wondering where the time has gone and how I am going to fit in everything I had planned.

As my children grow and my life changes year to year, each summer brings new challenges and new opportunities. The older we all get, the more fun we have because the possibilities of activities expand. It has only been this last year, with my oldest child in middle school, that I have begun to realize how quickly my time with them is passing.  Everyone has told me that one day I will miss the noise and the activity. I still struggle with that but I have definitely begun to understand how fast time moves.

I used to wish that time would pass more quickly and my kids would grow up so they were more independent and I could have more fun with them. Well, guess what? They are fun now and I need time to slow down so I can fit in all the fun that is in my head. Don’t get me wrong, they drive me batty some days. Seriously. Batty. I do wish on a regular basis that I had more violin students and speaking gigs to give me a break.

But, just for this summer, I am letting that all go and trying to make memories that won’t be at my fingertips much longer. When fall comes and they are back in school, I will have hours to work on presentations and practice charts but, for now, I am working on my kids while they still want to spend time with me. We will squeeze in another Adventure Day, another Pinterest Day, another Party with Friends Day. We will have a blast at the beach next week, be inspired by Olympians, each chips by the pool (the only time they get such things), and savor our delicious homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.

Then, when they are back at school and the house is quiet each morning, I will sit down at the kitchen table to work, knowing we made memories none of us will ever forget. Summer will pass- it is just one season of the year. Young motherhood will pass- it is just one season of my life. Both go too quickly these days. I want to make them something to remember. How will you remember the summer of 2016?