THE MOM CONFERENCE October 17, 18, 19

Life is absolutely BONKERS right now. No, seriously. It’s insane. Here’s the current rundown:  teach 10 violin students, work on new book, promote book that just released with speaking engagements, help kids with homework, drive to activities, pick up from activities, help 8-year-old sell Girl Scout cookies, be a good wife, deal with serious family medical issues, testify in a murder trial regarding my neighbors (don’t ask), and continue to keep house, grocery shop, make meals, pack lunches, fulfill church commitments, and so forth.


Those are just the basics and I’m sure you can relate. I bet a lot of you feel like I do. Run down. Tired. Overwhelmed. And, as always: Inadequate. Super inadequate. I feel like I’m constantly dropping one ball or another or disappointing one child or another or falling below some standard that was set by who knows who. You can look at my professional headshot and my family pictures and think that we have it all together since for that one moment our outfits were coordinated and we were smiling. But you would be dead wrong. We are flying by the seat of our pants trying to make it all work and create joy and love while balancing discipline and responsibility. We are hoping that we can give our kids our best and that our efforts will produce happy, productive, contributing members of society. We are striving and struggling to make time for things that bring us joy as individuals and as a married couple so that we keep our cups full for our kids and those around us. We are imperfect works-in-progress with a desire to do and be our best.  


I’ll be honest, there are days when my kids are at school and I am focused and good things come by the dozens. Yes, there are days like that. But most of my days require a lot of grit and muscle and putting on a smile when things don’t feel great. (I’ll write in the future about my battle with depression.)


So, where am I going with this cheery post? The point is that it’s time for us— you and me— to make time for October’s Mom Conference. Not because we are inadequate but because we are more capable than we realize. It’s time to be reminded of how hard mothering is and how amazing it is that we get through the days and weeks with our families still going. It’s also a chance to learn new ways to combat our negative feelings and step into a new place. It’s a reminder of all the good we do and a classroom for learning to be even better.


You might not think you need The Mom Conference. You may think you’ll remember on October 17th. We both know other tasks will press for your time so put it on your calendar right now. Make it a priority. Women who work in business, the arts, science, government, and other professional fields go to conferences to enhance or supplement their skills and up their game in the workplace. It’s how they get ahead. And, though most companies pay for these trainings, some workers use their own money to travel and attend these meetings because they know it will yield a greater return when they come back and apply those skills and that energy to their work.


Mothering is your job. Make this investment. Value yourself enough to realize that you will do your job better if you are at the top of your game, learning new skills, upping your game, and getting ahead. A company can only progress if its employees are focused on personal improvement. Your family relationships and the teamwork in your home will only progress if you— the Chief EVERYTHING Officer— are making the time for personal improvement. You are worth every bit of investment you make in your well-being. It’s true: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” so it’s time to start at the top and fill your cup.


The Mom Conference is three short days, watched at your leisure, when you get to hone your mad mothering skills and take it to the next level. Stream it while you drive, nurse a baby, make dinner, pack lunches, fold laundry, scrub the toilets, or exercise. And remember, if you don’t get to all of the talks in one day, you have the encore day and the option of purchasing access to the conference all year long.


Recently, I saw an advertisement for an online productivity conference that looked like just the thing I would love. It was structured just like The Mom Conference— free for a few days then available to access for a fee. I listened to as many talks/interviews as I could and felt so good that I wanted more. I purchased the access package and I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to watch and rewatch those interviews. Tim and I have even watched them while folding laundry or for an at-home date night. We have learned so much together and it helps us encourage each other to live those principles.


If you love what you hear at The Mom Conference, consider purchasing access for yourself and for your spouse. It might not make for the most romantic date night but it is good to be on the same page as parents and sharing these ideas will help you do just that.


Whether you purchase the conference or just tune in, remember that YOU are the greatest investment your family has. Your influence has a greater effect on your home than almost any other source so take care of YOU. I look forward to this year’s conference and hope to see you there!

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